• USA Dance Syllabus Guidebook 2016-A: Combination of WDSF and ISTD syllabi. Dancers can select steps from either or both of the WDSF and ISTD step lists
    (PDF; 3MB)
  • World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Syllabus: has more information as individual patterns (positions, etc). But, as noted previously we can use both the ISTD and WDSF patterns as called out in the USADance step list
    (PDF, 722KB)
  • Texas Ballroom Country Competition Team Information: Sherry Reynold’s guide to the ins and outs of country competitions. Every question you may have about country competitions answered!
  • a visitor can create a free account and view explanations, step lists, precedes and follows for standard and smooth, and videos of some of the basic steps. They are using a different syllabus but the overlap with us is at least 90%.
  • website with syllabus lists and videos


More resources coming soon!